Black cylindrical-shaped UFO spotted near Sonora, CA

On September 14, 2012, an automobilist was driving between Don Pedro and Sonora for work when he saw a dark cylindrical-shaped UFO hovering just over a field. What is it?

Witness report:

I left home by 720 am from lake don Pedro Ca by 724 am I reached hwy 49 heading towards don Pedro dam rec center I was hit in the face by two huge bright glares reflecting off a dark charcoal black craft it was hovering left to right In straight path towards tree tops on the small hill across the field I stopped my truck to get a picture of the cylindrical object it was massive like two local motives cabooses put together my phone would not let me open my camera ap it was malfunctioning so I just watched it for almost 9 minutes by 7:32 I raced up the hill to get better visual then I saw it just take off sw in a blink of an eye it was gone disappeared into the clear blue sky I panicked I raced up to top of dam to see if it was on other side of the hill but it was gone I was so in shock I speed all the way to my clients house ran up to her telling her what I saw she convinced me to contact union democrat to report my sighting her husband is a pilot with fedex air and she said she believes what I saw was unconvetional and no way it was a missile I decided to make my report she grabbed the phone dialed up news reporters Chris caskney to take my story it was so sureal I was even slightly shook up but confident I would not be viewed as crazy it was Amazing ! I drew up a sketch but later found the identical craft as mine in another sighting report I need it to be used as evidence of my sighting because it is literally the identical craft

This object moved in hyper speeds had no sound and was massive