Black cigar-shaped UFO caught over Oahu, Hawaii

On September 3, 2014, a man and his girlfriend were on vacation in Hawaii. On a beach located in southeastern Oahu, they have photographed a black cigar-shaped UFO.

Witness report:

My buddy and I went to SANDY's (beach on the South East shore of Oahu, Hawaii).

We were sitting in the back/bed of his truck while watching the surf, and trying to chat with the pretty girls in the next vehicle.

I took a pic of the ocean, trying to "capture" a wave before it broke.

A month or two later I decided to post the pic on Facebook, and as I looked at the image (obviously enlarged on my Facebook page, versus my cell phone screen)... I noticed the disc shape.

I enlarged the photo and cannot see any wings. a tail, rotator blades, etc. It has a "penny" shape to it.

Unfortunately, I don't remember seeing ANYTHING that day in the sky.

Not sure if it is actually a UFO... but like I stated before, I cannot find any other identifying marks (wings, rotator blades, etc.)