A man abducted by aliens in Caldwell, Idaho

On May 2016, a man living in the city of Caldwell (Idaho) thinks that he has been abducted by one or several aliens. He has told his story on MUFON website.

Witness statement:

On the approximate date of 10 May 2016, I was at home with my wife. It was one of my regular days off from work. I work nights for the State of Idaho. I live in a house where the basement has been converted into that of another living area. My wife and I have our bedroom down in the basement, and directly overhead of our room is another bedroom where my brother-in-law temporarily resides. I typically stick to a schedule, and am always in bed around 9:00pm MST or 10:00pm MST. On this particular night my wife and I were in bed, and I looked at the alarm clock directly to the front of our bed, where it sits on her dresser adjacent to the television. I recall it was roughly 10:00 (2200 Hours) MST. That is the last thing I recall before falling asleep, as it does not take long for me to typically fall asleep.

At some point I recall waking up in bed, and noticing the television was turned off and my wife was asleep. I recall the alarm clock was roughly around 11:00pm (2300 Hours) MST. I rolled over and went back to sleep. As I was drifting off to sleep, I remember my head started to have a buzzing like sensation, and I heard a loud constant ringing in my ears (Tinnitus-like) that would not subside. I must have fallen asleep, as the next occurrence I can recall is being awake, and on my back, slightly floating above my bed. I was in a zero gravity-like state, just floating above my bed. The ringing was slightly fainter in my ears, but still present. I recall I was looking up at the ceiling of my bedroom, and my arms were dangling toward the bed, and I was in a complete horizontal attitude to that of my room. I could not move, and even though I tried to look to my right where my wife was in bed, I could not move my head. I then recall the feeling of being "pulled" toward the ceiling, but remaining zero gravity-like. As I neared the ceiling, it appeared as though the ceiling somehow disintegrated from around me as I went through the ceiling. I then recall still moving upward toward the roof of my house, and as I went through the roof, the same disintegration of the roof occurred. The next thing I recall is looking straight upward toward a clear, star-filled sky. the air was warm on my skin, with a slight breeze. the breeze itself felt warm, yet somehow cool. I did not hear any wind, nor did I hear any of the nighttime wildlife, such as owls, or crickets. Everything then seemed somehow frightening, unnerving, yet serene all at the same time. I do not recall seeing any spacecraft above me per say, yet had the overwhelming sensation that there was something there, and somehow it was in a camouflaged like state, almost like the cloaking device used to hide spacecraft in Star Trek. Somehow I felt that even though something was there, it was reflecting or refracting the surrounding environment. I then recall being "pulled" in the same manner as described earlier toward the heavens. It is at this point everything goes blank. I do not recall anything past this point, until I woke up in bed the next morning.

The next thing I recall is waking up in an excited like state, and noticing my wife was already awake, and doing laundry, folding it. I was in a state of confusion, and disarray. I was freaking out thinking that I had to get ready for work, and that it was 10:00pm at night. When I questioned my wife, she told me it was 10:00am (1000 Hours) MST in the morning. I was so confused, I could not recall the time of day, and seemed to have no recollection of anything past 10:00pm (2200 Hours) the night prior, when her and I were in bed. In a sense, it felt like "missing time". It was not until later in the day, the recollection of what had occurred the night before came back to me. I discussed what had occurred the night prior with my wife, and she was supportive of my claims. Her and I are open-minded individuals.

Photo: The public pool in Caldwell, Idaho, bTdferro at English WikipediaCC BY 3.0, Wikimedia