A flight passenger caught a weird orb over Portland

On May 30, 2016, a flight passenger has caught a very mysterious orb through the window. The airplane was flying over the city of Portland, Indiana.

Witness report:

Flying home on Southwest flight 4280 from Denver to Md on 5/30/2016. Taking photos out of window, 6:22 pm, noticed ufo when reviewing photos from vacation. Took 2 consecutive photos within seconds only on one photo. At first glance I thought it was part of the clouds but when I zoom in it is not a cloud at all. Did not see it when I took the photo. I know there was no other planes near me and there was nothing on the window. It seems to have light wavering around it, there is a clear outline on the disch shape and patterns on top of it.

Atached is the exact longitude/latitude gps coordinate based on the photo and my flight plan. One photo I snapped at 6:22 from the time stamp on my phone, seconds later I snapped the photo with the disc in it. One other photo is blown up with the contrast and lightness adjusted to show more detail and zoomed in.