UFOs cause a blackout in Versailles, Indiana

One day of March 2013, several unidentified flying objects have been spotted in the night sky after a brief blackout in Versailles, Ripley County, Indiana.

Witness report:

My wife and my son and I were watching TV. Around eight o' clock
the lights went out for a second and came back on. We went outside and found the street lights toward the east were out. We looked down to the east to see how far the power was out. We then saw four blackish red round lights in the sky. They were hovering in an x pattern with the bottom right space was empty. We watched for several minutes. Then all four lights went out at the same time. They did not fly off. I had a feeling they were still there. My wife and son went back inside after a few minutes. I stayed outside because I still felt they were there. After a few more minutes, a fifth light appeared to the left. It was low to the ground. Then traveled swiftly just above the ground for about two hundred feet. Then it flew up at an angle. It stopped precisely in empty space in the x pattern and went out. I watched for another or two, went inside. But I still had the feeling they had left yet.