Huge UFO spotted during the summer of 1967

During the summer of 1967, several children have seen a huge and white UFO near the city of Lexington, in the State of Kentucky. It looks like a jewel and was completely immobile. What is it?

Witness statement:

Had been camping on horse farm near Lexington Kentucky in the early summer of 1967. Three of us boys, all of thirteen years old, wandered about the horse farm most of the night. We found a small watchman's cabin, lit a wood stove, and slept on the floor. We all woke at, or just before sunrise and, decided to make our way across the farm, back to our tent. A minute or so after leaving the cabin we topped a grassy paddock hill and there it was. It stopped us in our tracks. There in the cloudless bright blue sky it sat motionless in our path. The object was immense, maybe 100 to 500 feet wide and nearly as tall. At about 9 o'clock high a perfectly smooth cut jewel. Multi-sided. No windows, lights, openings, nothing. We three stood silent before it as it did the same. After a minute, or less, it DISSOLVED before our gaping mouths and wide unblinking eyes. It made a sort of loud SWISH, as it disappeared. One boy then ran for home. Me and the other just looked at each other. I spoke, "did you see that?" "oh yeah", was his reply. My feeling was this was no natural phenomenon, like a cloud, but rather a visitation by "Something". I know not what. That other boy that did not run will tell you the same story.

Photo: Victorian Square in Downtown Lexington (Censusdata / Wikimedia) - CC BY 3.0