Disc-shaped UFO spotted over Memphis, Tennessee

On May 6, 2016, at 11:23, a man and his girlfriend have spotted a mysterious disc-shaped UFO during about 3 minutes over Memphis, in the State of Tennessee.

Witness report:

Hello Everyone! Today I witnessed a "UFO" on Winchester and Mendenhall in East Memphis. My boyfriend and I were in the turning lane when I noticed a reflection in the sky. The reflection looked as if someone were beaming a mirror towards the sun. Once the bright reflection went away I swear on my soul there was a saucer hovering in the sky for at least 3 minutes.

My boyfriend and I couldn't believe are eyes!!! I tried to take a picture, but when I went for my phone it was dead. Once we turned at the light it turned back to a reflection and disappeared. Never seen anything like it, but i've seen quite a few "UFO'S" from Washington state, but this is my first encounter in Tennessee!

Photo: Peabody Hotel, 2012 (Wikimedia / Trevorbirchett) - CC BY-SA 3.0