Green UFO caught over Jim Thorpe, Pennsylvania

On September 5, 2010, in broad daylight, a witness has photographed, without knowing it, a green UFO in the sky over the borough of Jim Thorpe, in Pennsylvania. Object is very clear and the sky was blue but he has not seen it. What is it?

Witness statement:

I had taken pictures of the surroundings while on a train ride In Jim Thorpe. I hadn't noticed the object until just recently while going through the pictures to put on my FB page. (02/16/2016) This when i noticed the object in the photo. It was a nice day, partly cloudy.

I was on vacation with family at the time. I was shocked to see the object and I posted on my FB as a cover photo for my Friends to see. others who saw the photo thought it was a leaf person who is a skeptic. I wasn't expecting to see anything other than trees and the ridge line of the surrounding valley. I was awestruck that I actually caught a UFO in a photo.