Bright orb photographed over Ventura, in California

On April 3, 2016, in the morning, an inhabitant of Ventura (California) would work as every day. But this time, he has caught a weird orb in the blue sky. What is it? There's probably no explanation…

Witness report:

I was walking to my car this morning and noticed a cool pattern of jet trails in the sky. I stopped in the parking lot and quickly snapped 2 photos. It was very bright so I didn't pay attention to the view on my phone screen. I returned home a few hours later and posted one of the photos on Instagram and titled it "X Marks The Spot". Weird..because after the fact I noticed a white circle on the right side of the photo. I looked at the other photo and it was in that photo as well. I zoomed in and it looks very odd! I asked a photographer friend of mine if it could possibly be a reflection from the camera lense but she doesn't think so. My daughter lives in Taft CA and awhile back she say a pattern of lights, similar to the pattern on the orb in my photo, bouncing across the sky at night. Multiple people around Taft witnessed the lights. I thought I would share this with you because I believe anything is possible.
I am attaching the 2 photos side by side....the clearest photo...and the zoomed view.