UFO that fell from the sky caught near Redmond

On March 3, 2016, an automobilist was driving on a road near Redmond (in the State of Oregon) when he has noticed something of very strange in the sky. This UFO seemed to fall from the sky.

Witness statement:

1. I was on my way from Redmond to a Dr appointment in Bend
2. I happen to notice a strange object hovering in the sky as I was traveling and I pulled out the phone in hopes that I could capture this image to show my family what I saw
3. I had no clue what I was seeing, but it was a bit freaky I must admit
4. Object appeared to stay stationary the entire time until it just disappeared without a trace
5. I was in shock and utter belief at what I witnessed hovering in the sky
6. It vanished into thin air with no trace