Strange glowing UFO spotted over Andisheh, Iran

On June 1st, 2011, a man and his wife were in Andisheh (in Tehran Province, Iran) when they have seen through their apartment window a very bright undentified flying object over buildings. They have caught some pictures but it is impossible to identify this UFO.

Witness statement:

Looking out of our apartment window, me and my partner saw an object that was hoovering in the sky, above a four storey building. It felt very close. It had lights on that went round in a circle. It wasn't that high in the sky, but I couldn't see enough to see any windows etc. The object remained in the same position before heading off. It moved quite steadily and didn't zoom off or disappear suddenly. I came away thinking it might be some form of an advanced military craft because of how solid and real it looked, and how near it was to us and how it moved (nothing exceptional). It felt like the craft was hoovering while doing some kind of a survey, or was pausing for a moment in its journey.