Several luminous UFO spotted in 1959, in Norway

On March 1959, several persons living in Norway have seen some impressive UFO flying in the sky. This unexplained case has interested the CIA.


The following is the full text of an item which appeared in Oslo Conservation Aftenposten of 16 March 1959 (AM edition):

Several bright objects were observed in the sky near Bergen by several persons on the evening of 12 March.

According to Birger Storesund, of Storesund, near Bergen, there were five of the bright bodies, all of which crossed the sky from north to south. The first object, which was first seen at 2010 hours, took about two minutes to cross the sky and dissapear beneath the horizon.

In size and appearance, it could be conpared ot the Soviet sputniks. About five minutes later, object number two appeared, later to be followed by objects there, and four and five.

According to Storesund, several of his neighbors also saw the objects. No sound was to be heard form the objects. Storesund's dog, which usually reacts to the presence of aircraft, paid no attention. The objects were also observed in binoculars.

Photo: Bergen Railway Station (Vlad Eckligt / Wikimedia) - CC BY-SA 2.0