Possible alien abduction in Elk Grove, California

On March 11, 2016, a person living in Elk Grove (Sacramento County, California) thinks to have abducted by aliens. In fact, he remembered strange events that occured that night.

Witness statement:

One night a few weeks ago I went to bed a little later than I usually do only to experience what felt like an alien abduction. I sleep in a bedroom that is parallel by a few feet to my parents room. Inside my parents room is a screen door that opens up to a balcony (as we all sleep upstairs). I remember moving so fast towards the screen door at night that it was as if something was rushing me to it and I recall being in a somewhat upright position. I remember seeing a big cloud of white haze/fog/mist on the outside of the screen door. The next memory I have was feeling very frantic the thought "I'm not ready" over and over again and what seemed like the presence of a few beings surrounding me as I was on what I believe was an operation table. The last memory I have is something going to open my eye as they were shut and being blinded by a bright light.

Photo: Sunset on Laguna Blvd, Elk Grove (Mark James Miller / Wikimedia)