He sees UFO with 3 aliens in Grand Rapids, Michigan

On May 13, 2014, in night, an inhabitant of Grand Rapids (Michigan) was in his bed. He was awake. Suddenly, through the window, he has seen an unidentified flying object with three aliens inside.

Witness statement:

I was in bed awake every night and could not sleep because of neighbors' loud sounds. I stared at a water tower located on Fuller and Leonard NE, Grand Rapids, MI. The object came at an extremely fast rate of speed. It was an eight foot capsule and it stopped in front of my neighbor's window 20 feet of away. It then turned to view my third floor window. It stayed for 4-5 mins. I stared at every detail on the capsule and saw three black aliens. I can remember every detail of the capsule and aliens. After 5 mins it then turned and took the same path back to the water tower.

I had seen them two nights before in the early evening. There had been a storm, and I saw them over a school yard. The capsule had come out of a small, gray cloud with pink on the bottom. They appeared for about 3 minutes. There was light blue in the middle of capsule.

I saw them again on September 1st at noon, looking to the N.E. sky. They did two circles around a huge white sky. This time the ship was flat and thin and they were much higher in the sky by the planes.

The last time I saw them was June 6 of 2015. I saw them at 2 am in the morning and they were as high as jets in the sky. At this time they were white in the inside. But the ship was still capsule in shape.

I felt terrified during the times I saw them, and I didn't know who to call or who to talk to about the event. It also happened so quickly that I was unable to get other evidence. But I am willing to take a lie detector test.