Cylinder-shaped UFO spotted in Stover, Missouri

On Januay 3, 2016, at around 18:05, a cylinder-shaped UFO has been spotted over the little town of Stover (in Morgan County, Missouri). The witness has seen this mysterious object during about 30 seconds.

Witness statement:

Observed a cylinder shaped object just north of our home, about 300 feet above the cove hovering, than object did a turn to the right than left and it had 3 bright yellow lights on the rear as it moved north and then vanished. It was still light out and the sun was reflecting off of the object. I got a side view and it had large cylinder main body, and 2 smaller cylinders on each side and appeared that all three were connected. Triangle shaped lights on the rear as it moved away. No noise and had no wings. Very large craft. Larger than a passenger jet. I observed it for 30 seconds before it vanished.

Photo : Morgan County Courthouse in Versailles, Missouri (Sector001 / Wikimedia) - CC BY-SA 3.0