Curious UFO caught over Lake Atitlán

On February 3, 2016, several persons were on vacation near the Lake Atitlan (in Guatemala). After to have taken some photos of landscape, one of them has noticed a curious UFO in the sky.

Witness statement:

This sighting was reported by my best friend's mother and two of her friends that were visiting from Mexico. She was on vacation in Lake Atitlan, Guatemala on the beginning of February 2,016. One morning she took a picture of the beautiful landscape. Some hours later she zoomed the picture with the purpose of seeing the volcanoes closely. She discovered a strange object in the sky. She took screenshots of the zoomed areas.

Lake Atitlan in Guatemala has a reputation of being a center of energetic power since the time of the Maya. Is surrounded by 3 volcanoes and is believed that the lake itself is the crater of another volcano.