Cigar-shaped UFO caught near pyramids in Cairo

During the summer of 2009 or 2010, a person was on vacations in Egypt. One night, he was inside his room and he has photographed a cigar-shaped UFO in the sky. This object emitted several lights and was not visible to naked eye.

Witness statement:

Back in July of 2009 or 2010 (I can confirm the exact dates if requires) I've went to Egypt for vacations and I was watching the pyramids light and sound show from my room balcony.

After shooting several pictures of the show, I've just be there and appreciate the show.
Later on, when I was checking the photos I've notice some anomaly in one of the photos. An object seams to be present, and when I say object its because is not a reflection of the lights, I have other photos in the same light conditions (I will send if required) where the object is not present. Also, another couple that we meet on this trip stated that they spot the same object and see it moving quite slow for a aircraft and make no sound like an helicopter.

I have this photo for quite a time and didn't show it to anybody besides my wife and the couple that confirmed that it was what they saw.