Black flying saucer caught in Eagle Mountain, Utah

On March 6, 2016, an inhabitant living in Eagle Mountain (Utah) was trying to contact aliens. Shortly after, he has photographed a possible black flying saucer over this home!

Witness statement:

The night before this event I had been meditating and attempting to contact E.T. life through CE-5 protocols as I have done in the past. I caught a possible orb the night before but this is a motion activated camera. Within 0.3 seconds it shoots off a 3 round burst. The second picture has an object not located in number one and three. I believe I set the camera off myself when I went to get it from the spot I have it mounted in my backyard. Pay attention to the time on this camera as it never moves even so much as a second forward. The fourth picture is an edited version of number two so it can bring out the object if you can not spot it beforehand.