Aliens abducted a man in Gaylord in 2014

On November 14, 2014, during the night, a woman has seen her husband to be abducted by aliens. The witness, living in Gaylord (Otsego County, Michigan) certified that all her life some aliens visited her.

Witness statement:

I am a 58 year old white female, I have been an abductee all my life, as my mother was. I have decided to finally tell my (stories) too many to list here. I do have some very pertainet information, that to the best of my knowledge no one has ever stated in any reports I have ever read. The abduction of my husband was as follows: I have never had a memory of him ever being abducted. In November of 2014 at approximately 2:53am i was in bed the foot of the bed facing a sliding glass door, when I awoke to a presence I laid in bed and observed a 30foot disc like object that appeared to be vertical so I could observe the undercarriage of the object. I observed I believe at least 3 circular rows of lights, most outer edge being red, then inner circle was white, then center row was green. It is so strange but I scooted over to one side of the bed as so they wouldn't see me. Fell back to sleep for what reason I don't understand, but this will happen to me like they have total control over my reactions/behaviors. The next thing I remember is I could hear my dog running from the side of the bed, it startled me as it awoke me with her running and her nails clicking on the hardwood floor. I remember running down the hall and yelling her name, she would normally come to me. As I approached the end of the hall and turned to go into the living room which was to the right, I saw her sitting and staring at the front door, it has frosted glass and I could see a red and a green blinking lights. I squatted down, and checked to see if she was breathing, calling her name, her ears were perked up, and she had no knowledge of my presence. I can remember saying aloud ok she is a live, then the lights stopped blinking and she was back out of her trance. I went to the chair where my husband had been sleeping, and he was not there. I looked out the sliding glass door in the front, and I saw what they had planted in my mind, I said oh its ok there is just cars parked in front so the people can go into church! They are very clever to plant images, so they can control you. I then started to walk into the kitchen when I came face to face with a 4 foot tall white colored entity, and a 5 foot tall grey. I poked the white entity, and stated "what did you do to my dog". then when I realized I poked (him) my finger nail went into his skin, I then drew my finger back looked at my nail, and stated "I'm sorry I didn't mean to hurt you!