A young child abducted by aliens in 1991

On March 3, 1991, a six-year old child was in front of a shop in Garden Grove (in California). Suddenly, after to have seen an unidentified flying saucer, he has probably been hypnotized and abducted by aliens

Witness has reported his incredible story on MUFON website:

I was walking to go buy a slice of pizza ,I was six years old. I came up to two people the owner of the shop and a neighbor in the apartment complex.
I told them what are you looking at ,then they looked at me white their eyes white like they where popping out,they didn't say anything just looked at me like I interrupted something. They turned their heads back the the u.f.o ,then it caught my attention I look at it my mind is blown away! I was speechless in shock I didn't know what I was looking at it was so bright like a disk shape I thought I seen Windows and someone looking at us I was drawn to look at it like it was calling me attracted to me ,I turned back to run I couldn't I remember telling my self ,run! Go tell your mom ,and I thought I'll never make it and they'll never believe me,so I stayed I was stuck we looked at it for about 20 min ,I felt like I went inside it time felt like it stopped for us ,we didn't say a word ,I was only sixish ,the lady was n her late 20's and man was n his 40's. Then suddenly it slowly Hoover's away we seen it cross the st katella into another neighbor hood,as soon as it wasn't visible we all walked away and as soon as I turned the corner my mind went blank.
I don't remember how I came home.
I do remember I told my family .
I started having night mares I was running down a hall way then I come to a sliding door it opens I run in then I'm floating across the room ,the room was all white I couldn't see if there was edges In the room it felt bright
I floated down to a blue barrel of some sort I hide behind it ,I crouched in a fetal position ,i was scared then ,this thing I can't really make detail I thought he had long rubber gloves n a big face like maybe it was wearing a mask .IT grabs me then I wake up screaming I would have this might mare every night after that event ,we finally moved and I stopped having the dreams .
I have a scar on my left side of head ,I was a kid and tell people they did this to me ,it looks like a stamp print I would pick at it, my mom took me to doctors they said they didn't know what it was,they gave me a cream I still have it.
I know I was a kid saying these things ,but it felt so real ,I never know if the other witnesses remember anything.
Since that day I knew anything is possible,I knew everything I ever thought about the future was real and I was mad that they left me here I had anger like why? I want to know more knowledge ,I been seeking information since then .
Some times I think I'm crazy and I only tell this story to people who bring up thing's like that.
I want this story to be heard more so if any one else can help me remember.
I appreciate who ever reads this and takes it for what it is.