A flying saucer spotted over Barrie, in 2007

On July 10, 2007, several friends were in Barrie (Ontario, Canada). Suddenly, one of them has seen a flying saucer in the sky. Then, he spoke with his friends and all have confirmed that was a UFO. Witness tried to take a photo but without success…

Witness statement:

Me and two friends where in the school yard of a local public school in Barrie Ontario, During summer break. The sky was clear blue with only a few clouds. Me and my two friends would hang out there, take pictures, go to the park. When I suddenly got a weird feeling to look up and when I did I saw a disc shaped greyish white saucer like ufo hovering a far distance in the sky. I thought I was seeing things. So I immediately told my two friends who where right beside who also said they are seeing it too. We took out are camera and phones to take a picture, But they where acting up, we did get a few pictures but the craft was not visible. I started to voice that I felt light headed, and weird something I still cannot explain and have troubles explaining to this day. Again I voiced this feeling and my other two friend agreed they felt weird as well. We noticed it was heading into a small white cloud as it went into this cloud we waited anxiously for it to comeback out the other side. Low an behold it never came out of the cloud.