Unidentified blue orb spotted in Canby, Oregon

On July 14, 2014, an automobilist was driving on a road in Canby (located in Clackamas County, Oregon) when he has seen an incredible blue orb. Witness has caught a photo with his iPhone.

Witness statement:

Driving home to Hubbard on Barlow Road just south west of Canby Oregon, I saw what appeared as a very bright blue orb zipping around the trees. I pulled out my iPhone rolled the window down and snapped a picture of it. I rationalized that perhaps it was a reflection off of a tractor being as it is farm land in the area. The orb made several fast zipping movements and then just stopped and was floating in mid air. I was driving in a Prius and I saw no way to drive to area of sighting. I continued on my way home. I posted picture on my instagram account and sort of forgot about it until one year later I saw a picture posted by another UFO sighting. This has lead me into investigating further UFO sightings. I now believe what I saw was a UFO.