Quick UFO caught over Tahlequah, Oklahoma

On December 9, 2015, a woman was on a road in Tahlequah (in Oklahoma) when he decided a photo of the clouds. But, by looking it, she has noticed an UFO that was not visible to naked eye…

Witness statement:

I was headed home with my husband and decided to take a picture of some cloud coverage, I was headed down a road called Indian Road when I snapped the two photos on a continuous shot. I didn't see anything before I took the photos and I never seen anything after the photos until later on in the evening when I transfered them to my phone. When I saw that t there was some sort of unknown object in the second that wasn't in the first photo I began to think that maybe there was something more to the object. Whatever it was had to be moving at a very quick speed for me to know see it before or after the photos were taken. I can't tell you anything else as far as speed, color, light ect.I just want someone to take a look at thsee photos and put my mind to rest because I'm starting to think that I am crazy.