Black rectangular-shaped UFO spotted in Mexico

On February 12, 2016, a person living somewhere in Mexico was in his home when a rectangular-shaped UFO is appeared in the sky. It was a black object with 4 bright lights below it.

Witness statement:

It was Friday night around 7:45 pm I was doing some work in my backyard, i felt tired so i took a break and looked at the sky, it was begining to get dark when i suddenly saw a black square with four lights under its surface, it was flying straight in a line very fast, it lasted like five seconds then i lost it out of sight. At first I thought that a weird thing, maybe its some kind of drone or airplane but no because airplanes are not square shape and a drone at that distance its not visible.

I was very surprised to se the object since i never seen anything like it before. So I told my wife right away, she was very focused on what she was doing in the backyard. after I told her she went looking for it but saw nothing.

Foto : Canales de Xochimilco (JorgeBRAZIL / Wikimedia) - CC BY 2.0