Yellow orb caught over Darlington, Great Britain

On January 20, 2016, a woman living in Darlington (Great Britain) caught a photo a sunset since her home. When she has watched her pictures, she has noticed a mysterious yellow orb moving in the sky…

Witness statement:

My wife likes to take sunset picture from our attic. She showed me two she took tonight and I noticed the strange light.

I downloaded them from here phone to my PC and zoomed in. The first photo is labelled UFO2 at 16:07 and 46 seconds. The second shots are UFO 1 taken at 16:07 and 56 seconds. All according to camera data.

What struck me as strange, being a pilot and photographer, it that this object moved. Not only did it move but the internal lights changed from 5 to 6. And the 6 were not in what you could call a formation.

In the pictures the object shape never changed, the orange glow.

Given that only 10 seconds elapsed between shots, this object must have been moving very fast.



  1. Unknown said...:

    Hey Wakonda, I have many pictures of this orb around the US. I was wondering what camera you are using. I was using my phone, a Galaxy S5. I just want to make sure it is not a glitch in the phone. Thanks!