Unidentified orb caught over Castalian Springs

On January 3, 2016, an inhabitant of Castalian Springs (in the state of Tennessee) was photographing a large bird flying in the sky. But, when he has watched his pictures, he has noticed a bright UFO like orb.

Witness statement:

I was attempting to photograph an eagle in the trees at the back of our lake property. The bird flew off high and to the south. It was a quiet cool morning, about 44 degrees and there were only a very few high thin cirrus clouds visible. I focused on trying to get pictures of the bird. There was what appeared to be a star in that direction but I hardly noticed it. It was when I zoomed in on the images to view the bird in greater detail I saw this object. It appeared round with 6 bright lights on it evenly spaced. One image showed 4 lights, one showed 5 and on showed 6; then it disappeared. I wasn't sure what the object was, but it was not a drone (altitude was too high.) It was not any type of helicopter or other conventional aircraft. I grew up on military bases and this was nothing conventional. I must admit when I zoomed in on the object is found it pretty exciting. Note: I did not zoom in so much as to cause pixelation. You can see the large bird is in focus. The object simply disappeared. I would love to see it again. Catching this on camera (camera phone) was purely accidental. I hope you can offer some insight into what this was. Thank you.
Note: I am 62 years old and have never seen anything like this.