Pyramid-shaped UFO over Old Harbor, Arkansas

On January 14, 2016, a woman and her daughter have spotted a mysterious pyramid-shaped UFO flying above us in Old Harbor, located in the state of Arkansas, USA. The two witnesses have told this story to the MUFON website...

Witness 1, My wife.
On Russian new years around 8:15pm I was headed down to the the gym to pick up my daughter. She had just called to say that only 2 of her friends and herself were there and she wanted to be picked up early. As I rounded the corner by the culvert I though I saw a shooting star off to my right, towards the hillside. As i got to the store/boat harbor area, I realized it was 3 blinking lights close together. I thought maybe it was a remote control airplane or a drone, because it was really dark out, too late for planes to fly and too close to the hillside. Also the object was flying pretty fast. I lost sight of it for a bit and drove on.
When I arrived at the school I could see the 3 girls swinging on the swing set waiting for me. My daughter came running at me full speed waiving her arms. She was all excited saying "Did u see that mom!!! It was a big drone or something right above us!! It hoovered right above us!!" I searched the sky above the school and caught site of the blinking lights. 3 colors, the object traveled fast, south, toward the church, then took a sharp left out toward the bay. It headed strait to the airstrip fast! I thought it was going to land. My daughter wanted me to follow it. I turned by the post office and headed for home. We were almost back to the culvert when we spotted it heading our way from the airstrip. It was still out over the bay, my daughter wanted me to stop the truck. She said it was coming closer to check us out, that freaked me out but I stopped the truck anyway at the first beach pull off after the culvert. I looked just in time to see the blinking lights fly up higher, fast and go towards the hillside. We continued home and got out of the truck and looked towards the hillside just in time to see the lights go up, over the hill and disappear.

Witness 2, My daughter.
On Russian New years eve, my two friends and I left night gym early. As I waited for my mom, I heard a buzzing noise, almost like a blow drier. I was swinging on the swing set and we saw it hoover for some 5 minutes about 8 feet above us. After my mom pulled up, it glided toward the church and then over the ocean toward the airport.
This drone type object was about the size of the hood of a truck and was diamond/pyramid shaped, u could see several layer/steps, top to bottom and a different light on each side, red, green, orange and white.
After we saw it gliding towards the airport my mom turned the truck off the road and I could see the drone was tracking us. We continued home and after parking in our drive way we saw it glide over the mountains and out of sight.