Long bright UFO caught in North Wales, PA

On January 17, 2016, a witness was in the home of his girlfriends located in North Wales (Pennsylvania, USA) when he has seen an orb like figure. This luminous UFO was able to change shape. Impressive…

Witness report:

I was at my girlfriends parents house when i went out back on the deck to catch a smoke just looking up at the sky when i noticed what i thought at first was just a bright star. As i continued to observe the light i noticed that it was actually moving. Not moving to left to right or up or down but it was moving a if it was changing shapes. I had a eire feeling while i was observing this object like it knew i was looking at it or something. So i ran inside the house and grabbed my girlfriends camera and took as many photos as possible. Each picture I took the object had a different look from a ball like orb to a worm like abject. Once i took that pictures i began to go through them all and zoomed in to see what the hell it was. When i zoomed in i got some really strange pictures of this worm like orb. Also in one of the photos that i noticed there was another object that wasn't white in color like the one i was observing that was in the top right corner of the picture and it was a long worm like figure that was a brownish copper color that seem to have what i could describe as 5 round joints and on each joint it looked like there was blue sphere like objects on each joint. I finally lost sight of the object and that was the end of that.