Green UFO caught between Vancouver and Gibsons

On January 2016, a person was travelling on ferry between Vancouver and Gibsons (in British Columbia, Canada). He took some photos of the sunset. But, when he has watched his pictures, he has discovered a bright green UFO moving in the sky!

Witness report:

On January 3rd 2016 I was travelling on a ferry from Vancouver BC to the town of Gibsons. While onboard I took 5 photos of the sunset on my phone. The next day as I was looking through them I noticed a green object in 4 of the 5 that I hadn't seen or heard when taking the photos. The time on the first 3 photos is 4:02PM and the next two were taken at 4:03. The details on my phone don't tell me what the seconds are but the 5 photos were taken in under 2 mins.