Boomerang-shaped UFO caught in Westmont, Illinois

On September 15, 2012, a parent and his son were driving on a road in the city of Westmont (in the state of Illinois, USA) when they have spotted three weird lights. He has caught a photo and he has discovered a boomerang-shaped UFO!

Witness report:

On this eventful night both me and my son were driving back from the shops when we both notice 3 red lights coming from different directions at very high speed - faster then a commercial aircraft. What really caught my eye was the bright orange/red lights with no anti collision blinking lights, we kept observing the lights as we drove home, we were only about 2 minutes away from home, as I parked my car we saw these lights slowing down and suddenly these 3 lights become one and at this point I was able to take my iphone out and quickly snap a shot at the light and within 10 seconds of taking the shot the light disappeared, I was shock when I looked at the picture I took of the light it was a shape of a boomerang (red orange color ) my initial feeling was of joy and shock, joy because I know I saw something out of this world and I had proof this time. This is the 4th time I have seen something strange in the skies in my life of 50 years but the past 3 times I never had a camera to proof what I had seen.