Unidentified fireball caught over Spencer Butte, Oregon

On November 29, 2015, a person was going on a hike near the city of Eugene (Oregon). By walking, he has caught multiple photos. On these, witness has noticed a mysterious and unidentified yellow/orange fireball. What is it?

Witness statement:

I/we Hiked to the top of Spencer Butte on Sunday afternoon (elevation 2055). I was taking random photos of the views-East and West. I took a few photos facing directly into the sun to try and get a shot of mountain ranges on the West side of the top of the mountain. It was a clear-bright sunny day. I did not see the object in the sky as I could't see much facing into the sun. It wasn't until looking at the photos once at the bottom of the mountain and on our way home that I looked through the photo's and saw the bright yellow circle. I have no idea what it is-maybe just a reflection of the sun of some sorts, who knows, but I have captured it in 3 different photo's. It appears to be in a slightly different location in each photo. I zoomed in and cropped the photo of the orb and there are white spots on it. The white spots are different in location and number on two of the three photos. On the third photo the colors were distorted and it is too fuzzy to see any details by enlarging/cropping. I am putting 1 as the number of witnesses below because it is required but I only saw it later in the photo's, the sun was too bright to have seen it while taking the photos.