UFO like orb caught over Sydney, Australia

On December 19, 2015, an inhabitant of Sydney, in Australia, want photograph chemtrails but it's a UFO like orb that is appeared on image…

Witness statement:

On our way back from coffee, we noticed chemtrails being conducted in a cross over pattern above the sky. I took a photo of the plane in action as it was undertaking the second trail. We walk back further to our house (100m) and decided to take two more photos. When I got upstairs and revised the photo I spotted an orb of silver/metallic appearance with 6 bright lights clearly visible upon the surface of the orb. The lights are clearly distinct once uploaded to my pc. With the second lot of photos the orb in in a different location and seems to be fianter, but still had the characteristic lights with lights. In the second photo, the orb/craft is not visible and returns in the third photo to a new location compared to the first photo.