UFO like minibus spotted over Glendale, Wisconsin

On December 8, 2015, a person was walking in the street of Glendale (in the state of Wisconsin, USA). Suddenly, he has spotted a UFO like minibus flying in the sky!

Witness report:

At approximately 10 pm local time I left my house to take my dog for a walk. The sky was mostly clear aside from some distant clouds. I really enjoy space and the night was dark so I was looking up at the sky trying to find stars and satellites etc. At this point I am maybe a quarter mile down the road from my house, if that.

Heading west down the road I noticed a bright light in the distance that I immediately thought was some absurdly bright star because of where it was on the horizon and how bright it was. But as it approached I then thought it was a strange airplane, because I could see red and blue lights to the side of the original bright light. I was confused because it looked at first like someone had mounted a huge flood light on a far away airplane. But as it approached, with my now heading east returning to my home, I realized it must've been the size of a minibus, possibly larger. First I was very curious and then i realized that this could be a UFO.

At this point it is headed directly over me and i am starting to panic. I was under a street light and my dog was also starting to get uncomfortable, so I grabbed him and hid in the shadow of a pine tree. The craft flies right over us, thus how I was able to get a good look at the bottom. The bottom looked like it had some sort of jet on it? They were too bright for me to see the real shape so I drew them as best I could. The craft itself seemed to be hovering, the air around it shimmered as though heat was being given off. I am a poor judge of feet but it was maybe 500ft up? The way I described it to my mother was that on a very windy day i probably could've flown a kite up to that height. It looked to be a dark grey/light grey/black and the jets were an orange color almost. It also had jets on the back. Jets probably isn't the right word for it but I have no words to describe them. They could also have been heat vents now that I think about the structure.

So this thing hovers/flies over us, heading east. It's not directly above me but only slightly north. I am terrified and hiding in the shadows, a human in a craft at that altitude would definitely have spotted me in the light. It keeps heading east, moving very slowly. Eventually it starts slowly turning south and I'm starting to worry it's coming back for us because of how strangely it turns. But thankfully it corrects itself and continues south, towards downtown Milwaukee, almost looking like it's following the Milwaukee river.

At this point I'm in panic mode and as soon as I felt it was a safe distance away I ran as fast as I could back home. When I checked the clock here it was 10:44.