Huge pyramid-shaped UFO spotted in Calgary, Canada

On December 14, 2015, in the night, two friends were outside in Calgary (in the Province of Alberta, in Canada) to watch a meteor shower. When they were ready to leave this place, they have spotted a massive and floating pyramid-shaped UFO flying above us!

Witness statement:

On the night of Monday, December 14 2015 a good friend of mine and myself decided to check out the Meteor shower that was supposedly going to be the biggest of the year. We left Calgary, Alberta heading west out of the city towards Canmore/Kananaskis country. We stopped a few places a couple mins off the highway each time and watched the meteors until we went to our final location down the highway a bit more. We watched the meteors for another 20-25 mins and were almost ready to leave because we were really cold. We wanted to see one more meteor before we left, when my friend saw a couple over his shoulder which drew our gaze to the west/northwest direction. We stared in that direction waiting for another meteor when I thought I noticed a white light in the sky move. I stared at it for another 10-15 seconds and thought maybe I just imagined it when it moved again. I kept my gaze on it thinking it was maybe a satellite, but it couldn't have been because it was completely still until it moved up and down again. I quickly brought it to my friends attention and as soon as we both started watching it, it started moving up and down and side to side in a very sporadic way. Shortly after we were staring at this light he noticed two dimmer lights, one to the left and one above and to the left making a perfect triangle with the bright one on the right hand side. All 3 danced perfectly in sync with each other when we both noticed you could see the outline and the shape of a triangle/pyramid floating in the sky. It was around 9PM so it was pitch black outside and the moon was covered by fog/clouds so there wasn't much light in the sky. Even with it being so dark we both easily noticed a different shade of black to the sky exactly where the pyramid was floating, we even looked away multiple times and back and could easily recognize the full 3 dimensional shape floating in the sky without hesitation. We were both in awe and kind of freaked out at the same time but could not stop watching it. I pulled my phone out and tried to capture it but it was so dark outside and the object had to be roughly 5-10 kilometers away but from what we could tell the size of it was huge. We watched it for roughly 1-2 minutes moving around, until it stopped. We then watched it for another 3-4 minutes before deciding to leave as we were freezing cold at this point. We talked about it on the drive back to Calgary, and we both noticed how it was definitely a 3 dimensional object as one of the faces we could see was pointing south and the other was pointing east and we were facing North-West looking at the direct corner of it.

Photo : Centre-ville de Calgary en 2003 (Tyson2k / Wikipédia) - Domaine public