An alien spotted near Mansfield, in Pennsylvania

On December 14, 2014, a person was deer hunting in Mansfield area (in Pennsylvania, USA). By walking, he has observed a mysterious entity looked robotic at about 300 yards.

Witness statement:

I was deer hunting, seated on my stand at ground level, facing generally North. This field is 20 acres tractor mowed. I was near the upper middle near a large rock and cherry tree. This entity was first seen with naked eyes. Thought it might be light and leaves playing tricks on my sight. (The oak and beech brush still had their leaves.) Sometimes this can happen when you are out all day in 18F temps. I then observed it with 10x50 binoculars, it was still there. I noted that the area was very quiet no birds or other normal outside sounds. My observation lasted about 6 minutes. I carry a field notebook as we are very active birders. I sketched what I saw and noted colors, and size. No snow, little wind, 18 degrees F. The entity appeared very solid and I observed no movable joints. It never moved. The legs looked like stovepipe 6 inches diameter. The arms were the same, terminated in rounded ends, no digits, ends were even with crotch. The body was also round about 14 inches in diameter. The head looked like a round bottom bucket turned upside down, about as tall as the body was wide 14 inches. In the area where the eyes would be was a black shinny area 3 inches wide and stretching across the front. Overall height was over 9 feet. It was standing in weeds and goldenrod I could not see the feet. I never saw it arrive and it departed while I was scanning for deer. If it had stayed there I would have tried to approach it, I had no fear and lots of questions. I would like to know if other folks have observed similar entities, and where?