A perfect dark pyramid found thanks to Google Moon

On December 2015, a Youtube user has discovered a dark pyramid on the moon by using the popular software, Google Mars. This shape seems to be really perfect…

Scott C. Waring explains:

This black pyramid was found on Google Moon by Youtube user MexicoGeek. The triangle is perfect. Meaning all sides appear equal. Along one side we see four holes that could be windows or could be ridges.

As I have said before, buildings on the moon are made of different materials. The most common structures are dark non reflective black structures like this. You will see them, but think they are shadows, they are stealth. Second are the white ceramic reflective structures, you will see white shiny surface. Third are the grey metallic buildings, these are usually so small you wont notice them, but they often surround the edges of the black structure, also they have a lot of 90 degree angles, unlike the black structures. There are others too but these are the three most common on Earths moon.