UFOs in a triangular formation over Berlin in 2000

On December 24, 2000, a person living in Berlin (capital of Germany) was in his bed when he has seen three unusual lights in a triangular formation. What is it? Without photo or video, it's very difficult to conclude…

Witness statement:

I went back to bed from my rest room when i looked up at the sky enjoying the brilliant view to the stars. My bed stood right next to the window. Then i realised 3 objects flying over my house from east to west. First i thought it was a satellite. But three of them in triangular formation is impossible. They disappeared sometimes because of their dive into earths shadow sometimes. The first object was to the right. diagonally behind it on the left side was another one. The third one was behind the first one on the right side. Suddenly the third one made a turn behind the second one on the left side and then behind the first on on the right side. That was so fast that i was awake in an instance. Objects flying in an altitude of satellites making such quick and smoothe direction changes are not normal, i thought! They flew with the speed of a satellite further west till they disappeared a bit further.

Photo : La Porte de Brandebourg (Thomas Wolf / Wikimédia) - CC BY-SA 3.0