UFOs crash to Earth in Turkey and Spain

On November 3, 2015, two mysterious UFO have fallen from sky in Turkey and in Spain. These objects were spherical and nobody knows their origin...

Scott C. Waring explains:

Mysterious objects fell from space around the world on Nov 3 and its caused a lot of confusion. Round hollow objects found in Spain and Turkey have been recovered and handed over to military authorities.

The hollowness of the objects makes them appear to be normal tanks...say of a rocket or propulsion system, but let me explain why its not. I believe these are cloud orbs otherwise known as alien drones that were struck by lightning or shot down. Alien tech does not usually have wires and loose circuits like our tech has. Alien tech is on a micro scale and is built into the metal of the craft itself. Much like a 3d printer printing the wires inside of a toy robot so when its finished all you do is add the batteries. Alien tech has it all build in, except for their propulsion system.