UFO caught near chemtrails over Porterville

On November 2015, an inhabitant of Porterville (in California) photographed chemtrails appeared in the sky. But, after to have sent the picture to his son, he has noticed a weird blue object.

Witness statement:

On nov 19, 2015 I went outside in my backyard when I noticed that the chemtrails( S to N in W sky) drifting upwards like a fan. It looked interesting so I decided to go grab my phone and take a picture. I sent it to my son via text and took another look at the picture and noticed something bright blue.
It was hardly noticeable but it caught my eye and took a closer look.
I zoomed in on it and I can clearly see a cluster of bluish green lights. I immediately text my son about what I saw. He replied, saying that he noticed it but thought it was coming from his phone screen.
I forwarded the image to my iPad, to view the image on a larger screen. It definitely has a bell shaped, or triangular/pyramid shape. The image can be enhanced with a filter, black and white is striking. I took more pics of the sky right away but the object had disappeared. I have many pics on my phone, I have never had any unusual spots or flares on any saved images prior or after this day.
I do want to note that I did not see it with my own two eyes before or while taking the pic of the chemtrails. It was only after taking it that I seen the UFO. I do not believe it is an artifact. I am 100% sure I captured something from another world or dimension, if it was by accident or intentional , I cannot explain how or why but you decide. Thanks.