Two huge triangular-shaped UFO spotted in Shirley

On November 22, 2015, in night, a peron living in Shirley (in Massachusetts) was watching through a window of his home after to have heard an engine noise. Here, he has seen two huge triangular-shaped UFO…

Witness statement:

I was home, watching TV late at 11:30 pm. I heard a loud engine sound and went to window facing my street. From the side of my bldg, I heard the loud sound.. I thought it was a plane engine sound. then as I looked out my window, I saw 2 tall large triangle shaped crafts. They looked facing me, so I could only see one side of these 2 crafts, as they traveled slowly, still with the loud engine noise. I first thought there was mechanical issues. There was rows of bright lights or lit windows on the whole flat surface facing me . It continued traveling out of my view across the road toward the next town. I didn't call about it till the following morning.