Strange bright light spotted in Moses Lake, WA

On November 25, 2015, a woman and her daughter were driving on a road in Moses Lake (in the state of Washington). Suddenly, they both have seen a white and bright UFO in the sky. The mother has caught a photo of this phenomenon.

Witness report:

My wife was taking my daughter to school this morning and they both saw something in the air. My daughter thought it was an alien and my wife thought it was a cloud opening with a bizarre shape...only there's no clouds around. My wife doesn't believe in extra-terrestrial life, thinks there's a logical explanation for what they saw and doesn't want me to contact you. My daughter is very much like her mom; but, she can't explain what's ion the photo. She said when they turned South onto another road the object became smaller then disappeared.

I asked my daughter if there was anything on the windshield and she said "no". I considered reaching out to the local newspaper with at least one photo but changed my mind when I remembered about MUFON (love your shows). Not sure what to make of this photo...any ideas? I have more.