Multiple flying saucers in Savannah in 1952

On July 1952, during summer, a little child of 6 years has seen, since his house located in Savannah (Georgia), multiple very fast flying saucer in the sky. Today, he has decided to disclose his story…

Witness statement:

I was six years old we lived in upstairs apt across from 37 street school in Savannah Ga. We were on the balcony I noticed fast flying stars my whole family saw them flying south faster than anything we had ever seen.

Then we saw others flying north 30 min later faster than anything we had ever seen I think it was the same saucers that buzzed the white house

My father said not to tell anyone we saw them.

We lived across from the 37th street elementary school.

Photo: City Hall in Savannah (Jud McCranie / Wikimedia) - CC BY-SA 4.0