Mom killed two-month-old daughter in microwave

A California court found a woman guilty of killing her 60-day-old daughter by putting her in a working microwave. It’s estimated the baby girl was “cooked” for as long as five minutes.

On March, 17, 2001, a Sacramento house witnessed the murder of Mirabelle Thao-Lo by her mother 34-year-old Ka Yang who was later charged with first degree murder and assault in the child's death.

Yang's claims that she was having an epileptic seizure while placing her daughter in the microwave were rejected by jurors.

At the time, Yang told police investigators she was holding her daughter when she lost consciousness in front of a laptop. Later on detectives reportedly discovered that it was a lie when they found a pacifier inside the microwave.

The deposition said that Yang, a married mother of four, woke up on the ground and found her two-month-old daughter close to a space heater.

However, when investigators found her story to be lacking credibility, the mother confessed she had lied blaming a split personality for the incident.

According to investigators, the girl was believed to have stayed in the microwave from 2 to 5 minutes, enough time to cover 60 percent of her little body with burns, including radiation burns on her internal organs.

The infant was burned from head to-toe, though her hair and pajamas remained safe.

Linda Parisi, the lawyer of Yang, stated that the defendant has long been afflicted with epilepsy adding that she didn't have any intention to kill her daughter.

"There is no history of child abuse," the Dailymail cited her as saying. "She has no criminal history."

The Yang family spokesperson claimed that Yang was a "gentle" woman who "didn't know what she was doing."

Yang faces 26 years-to-life in prison and will report to prison in December.

Her three surviving sons are in the care of family members.