Little metallic cigar-shaped UFO over Chester-le-Street

On August 11, 2008, a little metallic cigar-shaped UFO has been photographed since the city of Chester-le-Street in County Durham, England. What is it?

Witness report:

Having a coffee in the garden, noticed a light coming in my direction quite slow. Had bright light at one end. It was flashing on one off in about 10 second intervals,
Then I realized the flashing light was all one end catching the sun which was rising in the East behind me, it was reflecting the sun.
It was a oblong tube shape and it was turning end over end like tumbling and as the reflective end caught the sun it looked like a bright light flashing on and off.
I went for my camera but I could not see it in the view finder screen, I could see where it was going to pass over my home so I focused my camera on that area and just kept pressing the shutter and captured some images.
It was travelling at a steady speed and height till it was over head then it turned to the north, Not a sharp sudden turn. I watched it go off the the north towards Newcastle upon Tyne.