Little alien creature discovered in San Jose, California

On November 2015, a woman living in San Jose (California) has discovered a little weird creature in her garden. This humanoid alien is appeared a few moments after a UFO has been sighted in the East Coast of USA.

Scott C. Waring explains:

This odd creature is a newborn and was found right after the giant blue UFO shot across the California sky. Its widely known that aliens have in the past done experiments with human/alien hybrids. This could be a failed experiment of that.

News states:

A woman in California heard a bloodcurdling shriek in her back garden – then ran out and found THIS. The hideous creature appeared in San Jose just hours after Californians reported a glowing bright UFO over the state. Gianna Peponis said, ‘I heard something scream at like 11.30 last night and went on my side yard and found this thing. It was dead when I found it. Some commenters on Facebook and Reddit have suggested that the hideous creature could actually be the foetus of a deer, partly eaten by predators.

Another user said, less helpfully, ‘I don’t know what the f*** that is. If your friend is brave enough to remove it from their property, remind them to salt the ground afterwards. “Nothing good can ever happen there now.’