Impressive orbs snapped over a home in Arizona

On October 3, 2014, during night, a person living in Sahuarita (city located in Pima County, Arizona) has photographed multiple impressive orbs over his home. On three pictures, these UFO appears on juste one…

Witness statement:

Took pictures in the backyard and after looking at the on the camera found the attached picture of what looks like a UFO. The pic is still on my camera and I would like to have a expert look at camera since I do NOT know what it is. Picture taken before and after the picture in question was taken do not show anything abnormal and the were taken only a few second apart.
1. In our backyard taking pictures of our pond,etc.
2. When I downloaded the pictures to my computer
3.A UFO since there was nothing around us.
4. Only showed up on the picture.
5.Did not and still do not know what it is or was.
6.Only saw it on the picture.