Black UFO filmed over Seal Beach, California

On August 10, 2014, an incredible black unidentified flying object has been filmed accidentally in Seal Beach, California (USA) ...

Scott C. Waring says:
This is a UFO report that just came in this week, however it occurred a year ago. Its only 2 seconds of footage and normally I would dismiss it, but it caught a UFO over Seal Beach in mid flight. That just cool.

Eyewitness states:
I was just taking pictures while my partner was fishing. I didn't like the way the sand diapered from underneath my feet every time the tied rolled in and out so I turned my camera off on my iPad and proceeded to clime up the rocks off the beach. When I went to take more pictures I noticed my iPad was on, on video. It had taken a one second video in witch I have sent to you and what is unbelievable to me and every one I have shown. There was no actual witness and nothing was heard. Funny thing about the video is it only let me play it on the iPad for a while before I was able to copy it else where and the original copy would flicker with numbers but my iPad was stolen and this copy don't do that. You now have the only copy as it wont let me copy it again.