Bright UFO snapped over East Lansing

On April 12, 2012, in East Lansing (State of Michigan), a man was waiting for the bus when he has seen a weird orange UFO in night sky. What is it?

Witness statement:

A friend of mine, I've known for 20 years saw this UFO while sitting at a bus stop near Michigan State University. He was sitting at the bus stop already looking at the sky, because (in his words) "I was taught to dream". My friend noticed it first, and he pointed out to his room mate who was with him. A 3rd unknown man, watched it with them as well. It was moving slowly across the sky, with two separate swirling tails. None of them had any idea, as to what it could be. But the light changed shape, and it moved too slowly to be an aircraft. This light is amber or orange colored, and aircraft are only supposed to have red, green, and white lights. My friend took a very good photo of it (3000x2000), with a street lamp, and a tree for some sense of scale. My friend had an emotional reaction to this sighting, great anger at the object, but also intimidation by it. They could have continued watching it, but their bus arrived, and they left.