4 bright UFO spotted over Costa Mesa, California

On October 21, 2015, two persons have spotted four glowing UFO over Costa Mesa, a city located in Orange County, California. The witness did not take any photos, but he has realized an illustration with his computer.

Witness statement:

At approximately 9:03 p.m. on October 21, 2015, my friend and I were standing and talking in the parking lot outside the Killybrooke Clubhouse, west of Fairview St. and the I-405 freeway in Costa Mesa, CA. Suddenly my friend pointed out something in the northeastern sky, in about the area where the freeway is located.

We witnessed four separate white lights in a diamond formation, heading southwest towards where we were standing. As we watched them rapidly approaching us, suddenly they hovered and then formed a straight, ascending, diagonal line.

At first, I thought these white lights were four separate airplanes, but there was no sound coming from any of them. I reached for my iPod to try to photograph them, but the lights quickly dimmed and vanished.

During this sighting, there was a helicopter to the left of this formation, and a non-commercial, private airplane to the far right. They were the only objects making sounds in the sky.

I am submitting an illustration I created in Photoshop that shows the formation the lights made in the sky as they approached us, and then hovered and positioned themselves in a straight line, and then vanished.