Three bright UFO near airport in Louisville

On September 18, 2015, a person has snapped three glowing unidentified flying objects near an airport in Louisville, Kentucky. What is it?

Witness statement:

At approximately 12:30, approaching Bowman Field Airport (small, used for private, smaller aircraft) I observed a large jet. It was flying very, very low, no visible markings and had a weird black tail. Nothing conspiracy here, just took a pic of the unusual plane, as it never ascended and seemed to teeter on its side very slowly. I took one random picture on my Galaxy s6+.

Just looked at it, hours later, and was stunned to see 3 distinct 'crafts' or lit planes. They were not visible at the time. I heard the very low hum from the original plane, that's all. The light in the middle appears to have a visible chemtrail; I'm sure it's explainable. But the distinct, bright oval on top is intriguing. Welcome any and all feedback.